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Itinerary Instructions

Welcome to the Niagara Greenbelt Itinerary Creator

To assist you in using this system we have created this guide.  



1. Select an item from the EXPLORE menu

The EXPLORE menu is located on the left hand side of the page below the Greenbelt logo.  Upon clicking on a category (Destinations, Events & Activities, etc.), the menu will expand to show the subcategories under each menu item.





If you are unsure of where to find the listing you are looking for you can use the keyword SEARCH function located directly below the EXPLORE menu.



2. Click a menu item to display its listings.

Each listing contains a brief description and thumbnail. For more information, click on an item heading to view a full description. Below each thumbnail is the "Add this location to my itinerary" option. Click on the plus sign to add the listing to your current itinerary.




After clicking on the listing you will notice that it appears below the SELECTED items menu on the right hand side of the page. This area lists and stores all of your selected itinerary items.




To remove a Point of Interest from your current itinerary simply click the minus button below the thumbnail or alternatively you can click on the minus button in the selected point of interest page. To remove all items from this list, click "Clear" on the SELECTED menu on the right.


3. View your Itinerary

Click on the "View" button at the top left of the SELECTED menu on the right. This will bring up your current itinerary items as well as a map that defines the best path between all of the selected points.



If you wish to change the order of your current itinerary items you can simply click and drag the title of an item to the desired position, either higher or lower on the list.


To print your itinerary, click "Print" in the SELECTED menu.


Using Prepared Itineraries

In addition to creating your own itineraries, prepared itineraries are also available. The itineraries target specific areas within the Niagara Greenbelt region and are specially tailored to making sure you get the most out of your greenbelt experience. To use them, simply click on the PREPARED ITINERARIES button on the right and select from the available list. To view the PREPARED ITINERARIES click here.


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