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Upper Balls Falls

 Three views of Upper Balls Falls (Cyndal Janzen)

General Information


Located in the Balls Falls Conservation Area, Upper Balls Falls should not be missed. Part of the Twenty Mile Creek, Upper Balls Falls is classified as a plunge formation where the water flows over the side of the gorge and does not touch rock untill it reaches the bottom. The plunge formation is the most common formation of waterfall found in the area.
To access the falls it is just a 10-15 min walk upstream. To get to Upper Balls Falls make sure to use the west side trail. If visited in later summer to fall the water may have dried up, giving you a chance to walk on the river bed. It is best to view these falls in the spring  after the snow has melted in order to see them at their best.
WARNING: Safety precautions should be taken whilst visiting Balls Falls. Although there are retaining walls guarding the gorge, you should still be carful when viewing them.  While on the trail keep a look out for loose rocks and slippery slopes.

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Hours of Operation

 Open year round from 8am -8pm


From Toronto:

QEW  exit 57,  Vineland,(Victoria Ave)

Right (East) at south service rd

Left  (South) onto Victoria Ave

Left  ( East) onto 6th Ave,

Look for the Balls Falls entrance sign


From Fort Erie / Buffalo:

QEW  take exit 57 at Victoria Ave, 

Left  ( West) onto the North Service Rd  

Left  ( South) onto Victoria Ave

Left ( East)  onto 6th Ave.

Look for the Balls Falls entrance sign 



Balls Falls was founded by John and Geroge Ball in 1807. George Ball constructed a sawmill, a woollen mill and a grist mill in the area. This economic activity led to many other communites being established along the Twenty Mile Creek. However, when the construction of the Welland Canal and the railway began, other villages began to develop around these new transportation corridors, which caused the communites around Balls Falls to decline in size and importance.



Balls Falls is located within a Conservation Area where the main focus is on the environment. Balls Falls boasts many natural features including many different species of flora and fauna. It also exhibits topographical and geological features distinctive to the waterfalls in the area. Balls Falls plunges over the edge of the Niagara Escarptment, which was formed between 500-420 million years ago.


Other water features such as Twenty Mile Creek are located within the conservation area, as well as the Bruce Trail which (save for historic native trails and pathways) is the oldest and longest formal trail in the Niagara Greenbelt.


 Recreational Uses

Balls Falls hosts many activites. It is a great place for hiking, visiting historical buildings and for participating in educational activites. It's also a great place for bird watching. Make sure to bring your binoculars!

Adjacent Land Uses

Vinyards, Farm Lands, The Bruce Trail








Ownership & Management

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Barn and Church rentals
Picknick tables
Washroms are located in the Centre for Conservatin and by the Campground

Admission Fee

$ 5.50 for adults and $4.00 for students and seniors Note* prices are subject to change


Accessible in the Centre for Conservation and some pathways


Vineland, Ontario

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.13421344320
Longitude  -79.38308536010
UTM easting  631506
UTM northing 4776988

Trail length 

1.7 km to the waterfall

Walking time 

30 min

Trail linkages 

The Bruce trail, The Cataract trail, Twenty Valley Trail

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