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Twelve Mile Creek Headwaters (Sulphur Spring Drive)


Late spring runoff in the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek (Alex Ayotte / Ian Wood)


The little valley traversed by Sulphur Spring Road in Pelham marks the beginning of one of the most environmentally significant tributaries of the Twelve Mile Creek. It's the first publicly-accessible portion of the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek watershed.


From these modest headwaters in these tranquil forested hills of the Effingham region of Pelham, Twelve Mile Creek meanders its way through historic settlements and villages that owe their existence to the Creek; through forests and farmland in Short Hills; over the Niagara Escarpment and past industries and utilities that draw on the waters of the Twelve for irrigation and power; through the heart of downtown St. Catharines, which built its fortune on shipping and shipbuilding on the Twelve; through the engineered channels of the early Welland Canal, and onward to Martindale Pond in Port Dalhousie, where the Twelve finally empties into Lake Ontario. 


This small stream alongside Sulphur Spring Drive is also one of the last forest-shaded coldwater trout streams in the entire Niagara Peninsula. Trout require cold, clear, sediment-free water moving swiftly over gravelly streambeds for spawning.


With the road so close to the water, this stream is sensitive to soil erosion, sedimentation, and road salt contamination, so please stay back from the edge and avoid disturbing the fragile habitat. It is a vital and vulnerable remnant of the Twelve Mile creek ecosystem, and its continued protection is of great concern.



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Sulphur Spring Drive
Pelham, Ontario

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.07634887787908
Longitude -79.30622577667236

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