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Lincoln Limo & Cab

Luxury Taxi Service
Enhance your fine dining experience or relax with a night out on the town.  Lincoln Limo & Cab is a fully licensed Taxi company, serving Niagara West.  This area includes Grimsby, Vineland, Beamsville and St. Catharines. 

Wedding Day or Any Day
Relax knowing our courteous, professional drivers will cater to all your transportation needs.  From chauffeuring the Bridesmaids to the hair salon to taking the newlyweds to the airport for their honeymoon, Lincoln Limo & Cab will take care of everything. 

The Niagara Region is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those looking for adventure, discovery and romance.  Lincoln Limo & Cab prides itself in offering luxurious transportation for those waiting to find the many wonders of Niagara.


Lincoln Limo & Cab
Grimsby, Ontario


Grimsby (905) 945-5466 and St. Catharines (905) 328-4065


Lincoln Limo & Cab
Tel Grimsby (905) 945-5466 and St. Catharines (905) 328-4065
Email john@lincolncab.com

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