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Jordan Side Trail

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The Jordan Access Trail connects the Bruce Trail to the Village of Jordan at the residential zone close to St. John's Anglican Church.   This trail will take you through a combination of agricultural land both maintained and abandoned,  and  through the forested Niagara Escarpment along the Eighteen Mile Creek.   On your journey you may spot Chardonnay Grapes on the vines of a local grape grower's field and the remnants of a trellace posts once used for the cultivation of grapes.    Nearby the agricultural fields you will find multiple patches of black and red raspberries during late June and early July.   The tour will also take you on a steep journey up or down the Niagara Escarpment (depending on where you are coming from) and across the Eighteen Mile Creekbed, which may block the trail during peak creek flow (rainy periods and during the spring melt).


No parking; has been informal at St. John's Anglican Church and the surrounding residential area


Jordan, Ontario

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