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Buy Local Niagara

If Niagara's residence spent just $10.00 of their grocery budget on local foods each week, there would be a $226 million influx into the local economy each year. Think Fresh, Buy Local, Experience Niagara in a whole new way!


If that statistic above knocks your socks off, continue reading to be further amazed and completely motivated to help our farmers.


What Is Buy Local Niagara?  Buy Local Niagara is dedicated to promoting the awareness to support our local economy. It is all about the small changes that we can each make. Collectively we can make a big difference through one simple action - buying local.


Our Vision…
Launch an awareness campaign and challenge to all Niagara residents to think and buy local.


Promotes a strong and simple message that will unite Niagara residents in a common purpose and region wide activity to buy local


What You Can Do:

1. Find out what is local to Niagara – challenge your friends and family to do the same.

2. Sign up to show your support. Local businesses and organizations are also welcome to sign up!

3. Buy local and experience Niagara in a while new way – quality, value, and excellence.

4. Buy local in Niagara and make a positive impact for you, your family, our community and our local economy.

5. Buy local in Niagara and contribute to a reduced environmental footprint – your purchases do not have to travel miles before getting to you.

6. Download a poster to display in your local area to help promote awareness


The Niagara Culinary Trail worked with Dr. Lewis Soroka, Ph.D., Department of Economics, Brock University to put together these amazing numbers. If the approximately 435,000 residents of Niagara spent just $10 of their grocery budget on local foods each week, there would be a $226 million influx into the local economy each year. Additionally, if visitors spent $10 of their dining budget on local food when they came, there would be an another $120 million injected into the local economy.


Donald Ziraldo, Chair, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre and supporter of the Niagara Culinary Trail issued a challenge to all Niagarians to eat, drink and buy local using the Niagara Culinary Trail map. Ziraldo challenged Niagara residents, “Let’s spend $10 per week on local items to replace something non-local on our lists". Donald Ziraldo issues a Buy, Eat and Drink Local Challenge for Niagara. June 2008. (Scroll half way down page to find this article.)


There are some more interesting news articles to read further about this noble venture.  



Buy Local Niagara
Email buylocalniagara@gmail.com

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