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Churches of Downtown St Catharines

Left top: Queen Street Baptist Church. Left bottom: St Thomas' Anglican Church. Right top: Silver Spire United Church. Right middle: St George's Anglican Church. Right bottom: Cathedral of St Catherine of Alexandria.         Photos: Marita Ragheb.

General Information

     The 'Churches of Downtown St Catharines' tour is a walking tour designed to explore some of the oldest churches in the Niagara Region. This tour will give you a chance to get outside at a slower pace and enjoy some of the architectural details you might have missed otherwise. Important to the area as some of the first gathering places around town, the 'Churches of Downtown St Catharines' provide a glimpse into the rich history of the area, as well as providing a modern home for spirituality. This tour takes you to five churches: Silver Spire United Church, St George's Anglican Church, the Cathedral of St Catherine of Alexandria, St Thomas' Anglican Church, and the Queen Street Baptist Church.


     Please take your time during the tour to explore each church individually. If you are able to, plan your tour during a time the church is open, call ahead to see inside, or attend a service. The insides are equally, if not more impressive, than the exterior architecture, and many are rich with local artifacts or gifts from the community.


     Please note: As this is a walking tour, it has begun at one parking garage in the downtown core, the Carlisle Street Parking Garage. There are many parking lots, parking garages, and other locations for parking, though, so if you decide to park elsewhere, keep that in mind when heading to your first point of interest.


Points of interest on the tour include:


 POI 1 - Silver Spire United Church

POI 2 - St George's Anglican Church

POI 3 - Cathedral of St Catherine 

POI 4 - St Thomas' Anglican Church

POI 5 - Queen Street Baptist Church



Tour Itinerary and Map:



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Churches of Downtown St. Catharines Tour
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Photo Gallery


Google Paths

Below is the path with destinations along the way

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GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.159394
Longitude -79.244106
The STARTING POINT, not first POI, of this tour is at the location shown on the small map (left)

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