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Look... listen... learn!


TripClips are free multimedia clips that you can download, play or stream on your smartphone, iPod, MP3 player, or other personal multimedia device when you visit attractions in the Greenbelt. They provide you with stories, background information, interesting facts, history and context of the destination you are visiting.


Click here for an alphabetical list of all of our points of interest which feature TripClips


You can play individual TripClips for single destinations, or download a series of TripClips for a prepared or custom tour.


Click here to see our prepared tours



Where do they come from?

Some of our TripClips are professionally produced by our production team.


Others - our Community TripClips - are prepared and submitted by media-literate people just like you who have an interest in the Greenbelt, and who would like to share their insight and expertise about Greenbelt destinations with a broader audience.


Individual TripClips

You will find individual TripClips linked to the Point of Interest pages for many Greenbelt destinations, and you can use them when you visit single destinations in the Greenbelt.


You can:

  • download the TripClip onto your iPod or other digital player before you leave home, and listen to it when you arrive;
  • play the TripClip onsite using your smartphone or other 3G / 4G wireless browser (requires mobile internet access);
  • (coming soon) call the Niagara Heritage Hotline telephone number from your ordinary cell phone and listen to the TripClip over the phone (see demo); and
  • if you have a GPS unit or a GPS-equipped smartphone which supports custom POIs, you can load the TripClips into your GPS unit and have them play automatically when you reach each destination. Details vary for each manufacturer and model.

TripClip Prepared Tours

Many of our prepared tours include a selection of TripClips, one for each of the destinations you will visit. Download them all at once from the Tours, Trails, and Routes / Prepared Tours page. Play the clips when you arrive at each destination.


TripClip Custom Tours

Part of the fun of this website is that you can use the Itinerary Builder to plan and create custom tours of your own design. When you do, you can play the appropriate TripClips at each destination on your custom tour.


You can contribute!

Click here if you would like to submit Community TripClips about any destination. We'd love to hear from you!


Using TripClips with portable GPS units

Some newer GPS units allow you to create custom points of interest and save them on your portable GPS device. You can download our Tripclip narration into your device and link it to the geographical coordinates of the destination, so that the TripClip will play automatically when you arrive there!


There are not yet any universal standards for how to do this, but GPS manufacturers provide model-specific instructions. We're watching and waiting for technology to catch up with our ideas so we can make the process automatic!



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