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Change is in the air!


A collage displaying Niagara changing through the seasons.This website is constantly evolving!


Users of the Niagara Greenbelt Gateway Website (that's you!) will soon be able to add and edit information about Niagara Greenbelt points of interest, submit photos, and send in comments and reviews of Greenbelt attractions.

You'll also be able to create, save, and submit your own thematic tour itineraries to share with other visitors to the Niagara Greenbelt.

Check back frequently to monitor these exciting changes, and to participate in the Niagara Greeenbelt online community!


Using a suite of web-based tools and portable digital technologies, the project provides logistical and interpretive information about destinations, low-impact tourism activities, and alternative transportation options to reduce auto dependence (including cycling, rail, municipal public transit, and pedestrian travel).


You can read about our plans for this site in an overview paper called:

Digital Discovery and Electronic Explorations: Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Niagara Greenbelt, which will tell you about all the exciting things that lie ahead.




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